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Subject: Re: [CR]Flying Dutchman frames
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 14:52:43 -0400

All of these framesets were purchased by one individual, I believe I know who though, and they were most recently posted on the campy earlier this year for a super bargain of $200 each and more on some of the models.

I believe I actually picked up mine that I had for $100 shipped but I don't remember exactly. There is some interesting stories as to where all these originated as well. I believe Dale has a few of them. I know at last check before the mass buyout, they were selling as low as $50 each for the FDs with 531 framesets. The Libertas framesets were lower yet at $20. Now for the low price of $200+...??

Walter "mine was kelly green!" Skrzypek Falls Creek, Pa

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Subject: [CR]Flying Dutchman frames

> What ever happened to the guy who had all the classic Flying Dutchman frames for sale on the web a couple of years ago? From what I remember he was the importer and gave up the storefront many years earlier. Does anybody know if he or these frames are still around? Do any listmembers pwn one of these? Are the any good?
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