Re: [CR] Yet another member with a new arrival, and a new question

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Subject: Re: [CR] Yet another member with a new arrival, and a new question
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 19:04:35 EDT


It sounds like you have the earlier "chunkier" Record 144 Strada arms. I presume they are 144 mm bolt circle? If so, then they are from somewhere between 1968 and 1972 (bolt circle changed from 151 to 144 in about 1967, crankarm date codes began in 1973). I think the chunkier arms are generally older, but it may just have been that old forging dies were still around after they introduced the "new" shape, and were used until they wore out.

Is your Paramount a P-13 (road racing with 39" wheelbase)? If so, it had 49/52 as the OEM chainrings (man, that Record front der. could shift 3 teeth relatively easily!) as part of it's gearing setup, along with a 14-24 freewheel. Being a wimp, I quickly changed mine on my '73 P-13 to 42/52 - ahhhh, that's much nicer on these old knees!


Greg Parker A2 MI USA

Mark Agree wrote (in part):

> Second, the cranks have no date code (170 Strada). The rings are 52/48!
> The arms are different from what I have seen before. The sides of the arms
> have a larger flat face, seemingly caused by smaller bevels between it and
> the front and back. In addition, the outer diameter of the circle
> surrounding the pedal hole on these cranks is smaller than any I have seen
> before. They measure about 31.5 mm, while every other arm I have measures
> about 33.5. Other sets I measured are: two pre-date code, an 82, and an
> 84.
> Is there any reason that this set is different? Might they be older? Any
> ideas about the 52/48 rings?