RE: [CR]Klein pictures, 1975-1981

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Subject: RE: [CR]Klein pictures, 1975-1981
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 03 19:44:35 +1300
From: "Wayne Davidson" <>

Hi all, that is all whom are interested in this debate, so many factors would come into it, but I feel personal preference is a big one. A 25lb Klein maybe slower up a hill than say a 20lb carlton, so many other factors such as gearing, crank length would also need to be factored into it, but we could dicuss this untill the cows come home and still not all agree.
   One thing I always remember is when I sold my Alan and built up the Klein, wow, just so different it was unbelievable, both made from alloy, but in a different manner.
   Then I built up my Rigi, if you think a Klein is a harsh ride try a Rigi, and forget about riding no hands untill you have ridden a few hundred miles, while the Rigi is stiff, you need to know what the angles are, head/seat angles are around 77-78 degrees, and mine is stainless, wether that is stiffer than a steel one I have no idea, looking forward to any other comments.........regards wayne davidson Invercargill New Zealand