[CR]Nuovo Classic stem? was:Tail Wagging The Dog

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Subject: [CR]Nuovo Classic stem? was:Tail Wagging The Dog

The problem with the picture is that it's black and white, with a high viewpoint, taken with a wide angle lens. Looking at the entire page <http://www.bikelugs.com/pacentigallery/weigle_gallery/index.html>, I think that frame is built up to the bike with Honjo fenders, front rack and light. Sort of like a Rene Herse, who also made threadless stems... what goes around, comes around. ;^) I think if we saw better pictures of the stem and bike, we'd appreciate it more.

There's another builder who customizes the threadless stems that they use - <http://www.richardsachs.com/gallery/pages/rsrichieshtube.htm>. Which brings me to what Dale mentioned a few days ago:
>Those two messages have me thinking about the "Classic Spirit."
>So what is the Classic Spirit, at least for our purposes here on the CR list
>...? I always like the "Keeper of the Flame" concept. For instance that
>allows me to include artisan built bikes by modern builders & some CR list
>members like (alphabetically) Brian Baylis, Dave Bohm, Phil Brown, Glenn
>Erikson, Curt Goodrich, Peter Johnson, Chris Kvale, Mariposa, Peter Mooney,
>Tom Oswald, Rivendell, Richard Sachs, Peter Weigle (oh gosh, I am sure to
>have left out someone I want listed here...) You get the idea...

If you were having a 'Nuovo Classic' bike built to your measurements and specifications today, what you you have on it. A 20/30+ year old design (that works well) or something new (that builds on the tradition of old)?

Roy "would give my right ya-ya for a bike from one of those guys" Drinkwater Lititz, PA