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First time I rode my 54cm 83 Masi GC (Tesch built) I almost fell off. I was used to a Shogun tourer, which I guess had slacker angles. The GC came (as I bought it) with Look clipless pedals that I promtly removed for clips. Now the Look clipless pedals that I removed were not terribly incorrect-they were made in 84 (1st generation Look I guess). I just had never tried clipless before, and liked cages for appearance and familiarity. They might have helped avoid the problem-I dunno. I think my toes just barely touch the tires but I still have to avoid that dreaded wrong postion on sharp turns, but the avoidance manuever is becoming more second nature with time. A better solution would be to get stretched in order to ride a 56cm frame.

Mark ( keeping the rubber side down) Cutrufelli in Laurel,MD

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Larry Black said:
> In fact,if someone tried to make a pedal and wheel touch at most riding
> speeds, the turn would toss them o'er the bends before the
> tire collision.

I don't ride fixed gear bikes, but listmember Jonathan Greene brought his Tesch track bike to the house on Sunday. He did not ride it on the ride, but allowed me to take it for a spin up the block. I was glad that he warned me about overlap during turns as otherwise I would have been a goner. Not only does a track bike have steeper angles and more overlap than a road bike, but not being able to stop pedaling during the turn offered an old dog like me a lesson in concentration. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL _______________________________________________

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