[CR]Lubricity and Lubricificants

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From: "Raoul Delmare" <R.Delmare@Charter.net>
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Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 08:00:26 -0600
Subject: [CR]Lubricity and Lubricificants

Bruce Schrader San Francisco

wrote :
> So I'm sticking with the Triflow w/Teflon liquid oil
> that I've used for quite a few years now. It works
> well as a chain lube if applied once a week and also
> does a good job oiling pivots in derailleurs, brakes,
> cables etc. It's much more of a lubricant that WD-40
> is but in fairness, WD-40 was meant mostly as a water
> dispersant and rust preventative than a lubricant and
> I use it liberally for those purposes.


Craig Fenstermaker San Diego, CA home of wd-40

wrote :
> Let me suggest you use
> WD-40
> Yes, I know it is a cleaner and not a lubricant, but it will work
> adequately under the above circumstances if cleanliness is the
> primary goal.
> It is kinda stinky though.
> Oh no, did I just lose any credibility in this forum that I now have
> or may acquire????????????????
> Ps, I usually use a product called rock-n-roll lube.


Greg "the Teflon nerd" Parker Ann Arbor, MI USA

wrote :
> I would concur with Bruce - I swear by (not usually at) TriFlow for chains
> and pivot points - it's great stuff with good "staying power" IMHO.
> BTW, wasn't it Billy Shakespeare who said "give me a tub of Campy grease, and
> a can of TriFlow, and there is nothing bike-related that I cannot accomplish?"
> (Or was it Bill Murray? I forget...).


About which , Raoul Delmare , Marysville , Kansas , U.S.A. , writes :

1.) I know this , I once had the chance to talk with a retired petroleum engineer who was a part of the team who developed what is now known as "WD-40" . He got up on his little "soap box" , and preached a practiced speech . I head it several times . He stated , and explained in detail , that WD-40 was never intended to lubricate anything . It was designed as a water repellent , and a rust inhibitor , which would not have any negative affects on welding . Yes , it has some slight lubrication abilities . But it is much better at forming a thin , varnish-like coating . Then again , modern "dry lubricants" may be somewhat comparable . I don't know . I will still stay away from WD-40 . But , perhaps I'm just prejudiced , after attempting to clean one too many painted chainstays , permanently stained from over-use of WD-40 ?

2.) Greg , I'm sure it was Archimedes whom you are quoting . Cheeze Whiz Greg ! : - ) Try to get your historical figures straightened out ! By the way , I'm also sure the word should be translated , from the ancient Greek of antiquity , into our modern word , "cycle" . After all , "cycling" is ( still today ) an Olympic Sport ! Whereas , "biking" is something which leather-and-chains wearing "bikers" do , on their Harley-Davidson motorbikes ! These are the folks who use a chain to hold up their pants , and a belt to drive the rear wheel of their "bike" ! No lube on those rear ends please ! ( remember - this is a family site ! )

" Give me a tub of Campy grease large enough , and a place to stand , and I will lube the Earth . " Archimedes 220 B.C.

and also attributed , " Give me a never-ending tub of Campy grease, and a limitless can of TriFlow, and I could lube all the cycles of the Earth . "

( the great fear of course , was that if he made the shoulders of Atlas too slippery , there would be consequences of the most dire nature . . . )