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Subject: Re: [CR]NOW: Vintage frame size WAS: Undersquare frames
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 19:35:20 -0500

And For good or for bad the bike industry might be headed back to three sizes. The modern Giant "compact" racing frames are sold in four sizes, you guessed it, small, medium and large and XL. I think others are doing this as well. Never thought I would use the words "giant, compact, small,medium,large,XL" in one short sentence.

For those of you that might want to compare old to new, here is their geometry sizing chart:

Dan "won't buy a compact road bike" Kasha Providence RI

From: Chuck Schmidt <> There are a lot of instances where bikes were imported in three sizes (all with the same top tube length by the way). This was primarily true of the bike business in the 1950s and before.