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Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 16:35:43 -0500
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I havent tried Shellacking yet, This spring for sure. I am doing over my floors which are shellacked, and Bulls Eye makes a clear shellac that looked really clear on the oak sample in the hardware store. At the shop I work for in the summer, we have some cheap white stuff that's probably padded vinyl, about $6 for the whole package. Or when I have someone who is really "thrifty" like me I tell them about hockey tape. Usually a couple bucks at a sporting goods shop, for a big roll, enough to do several bikes. Ugly, and not the thing for a special bike, but You can redo it whenever you want.

Steve Birmingham Lowell, Ma


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I really like the look of white cloth tape on classic era bikes but I must say the dingy look it gets after a few sweaty rides is not all that great. I like the looks enough to put up with cleaning it regularly on a few of my bikes (Clorex Gel and a toothbrush works good but spots aluminum)but is there an alternative white cloth bar wrap? Any white plastic available? Any other materials? Anyone tried white pigmented shellac on cloth tape? This would at least make it easier to keep clean. I have amber shellac on my "French style" International and it appears bullet proof.

Finally, the white handlebar tape on E-Richies' 30th anniversary model at the Cirque was superb...was that double wrapped cloth perhaps?

Paul Raley
Snowing in Leonardtown MD