RE: [CR]Westminister, MD swap meet Feb 2nd

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Subject: RE: [CR]Westminister, MD swap meet Feb 2nd
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 14:14:45 -0500
Thread-Topic: [CR]Westminister, MD swap meet Feb 2nd
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Tom wrote:
>>>Wayne Bingham mentioned this swap meet a few months ago, and I know that he, Harvey Sachs and I are planning to attend. I was e-messaged by the organizers that all three of us will be co-located.<<<

Hello Campers (That's my Larry Osborn imitation. Where is that boy, anyway?)

Well, I'm finally back from a whirl-wind tour of Dubai, Copenhagen and the Midlands area of the UK. I have some interesting bicycle-related tales, one concerning crawling through the attic above the Banani shop and frame-building facility (uh, shed) in Copenhagen, looking at old frames and parts. New frames with Nervex lugs still hanging in the store. Interesting. Even have some pictures to share once I get organized (yea, like that's gonna happen anytime soon).

But first, more pressing matters. Yes, kids, the Westminster swap is this Sunday. Info is here:

So, come on down. I'm not really bringing much, because I just haven't had time to dig and prepare. Basically, I'm taking the crate that's still in the middle of the shop floor from T-Town, with whatever else I can throw in on Saturday afternoon. Tom's idea to bring some things to display is cool, so I need to think of that too. However, I'd caution everyone that space is pretty tight, depending which "room" you are in. The Carroll County AG Center is comprised of a narrow row of connected buildings, some of which differ significantly in what might be referred to as amenities, such as "heating". The first, or main building, where the primary entrance is, is the nicest, but also the most cramped. The other buildings are more open, but more industrial (agricultural?). Each vendor gets a six foot table and two chairs. In the main room, the tables are squeezed in pretty tightly. Last year I had a space in the center row of one of the "middle" buildings, which offered significantly more "elbow room" than the front room, where I had been in prior years.

Nonetheless, it's a chance to shake off those Winter doldrums and get some bike-focus time. (Oh, shut up, you So-Cal smugs, it's been single digits here!!)

Looking forward to seeing some old and new friends this weekend!!

Ciao -

Wayne Bingham
Falls Church VA