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Campy made Swiss cups.

Mondias had them. Cilos had them. John Barron may have had some to sell at one point. I have a spare socked away given my fancy of Swiss bikes.

Sugino, Stronglight, TA too. TA? and Phil are still available

Joe Bender-Zanoni
Great Notch, NJ

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> Brian Baylis replied:
> >35 X 1 is metric, French threads. 35mm is the diameter. I believe the 1
> >is related to threads per (inch, cm, or?).
> 1 thread per mm. However, if both cups are threaded
> right-hand (as Italian) then it's French; if they're threaded
> adjustable cup right-hand / fixed cup left-hand (as British), then
> it's Swiss. I have no knowledge if Campagnolo made Swiss threaded
> cups, others may know.
> Dennis Young asked:
> >> I used some Soyo rim cement for the first time today. My lbs was out of the
> >> Continental brand, that I have preferred after using many types.
> >> Reluctantly, I bought the more expensive Soyo and was very happy I did. It
> >> is a excellent cement I think. It seems like a very refined glue. It flows
> >> on easily (I use the finger method), and seems to have great tack once it
> >> starts to set up. Is it available in the US, and has anyone tried it? You
> >> might like it!
> I've seen it at
> <>, but I don't
> know of anyone who uses it. BTW, for those who do like track bikes,
> another shop <>, has many rare or hard
> to find items.
> Roy "your mileage may vary" Drinkwater
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