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Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 18:36:36 -0400
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NO GREG! Don't ask this! NOOOOOO!!!!

Just kidding but you could try the archives. California Masi's are a passionate thread.

Warren Young Toronto

>Hi all,While my appreciation of vintage ,lugged steel frames is deep
>& longlasting, my knowledge of same isn't very sophisticated. Which
>prompts the following naive question I hope some of the list members
>who were involved in the Calif. Masi story can answer. What makes
>the Masi such a desirable bike? I have read through the list
>archives, but haven't found much info on this specific subject. What
>seperates this frame from other nice ones? The design, the fit &
>finish, the materials? Do Masi's feel noticeably different from a
>Bianchi,Paramount? Are they just more scarce? Well, hope this
>subject isn't too tedious for you'al to respond to. Thanks, Greg
>Brooks, Ridgetop,TN.