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I am looking at a Claud Butler catalogue of 1953/4, Claude says:

'C.B. Bi-Laminated Construction The greatest advance in frame building since the evolution of the Safety bicycle. 25 per cent stronger than the ordinary brazed joint, as proved by official N.P.L. (National Physical Laboratory) tensile test. Enables me to build your frame to any desired angles (if practicable) without lug 'pulling'. Proved sound by practical demonstration on the roads and tracks of the world (including all post-war World's Championships and Olympic Games series). This is the type of frame construction whcih I recommend.'

The Claud Butler Olympic Sprint is included in the catalogue at £15 2s 6d with the Bi-Laminated construction. (Whole bike £41 4s 3d)

However, there is a World's Championship Sprint frame with conventional brazed lug construction priced at £16 16s !! (Whole bike £43 3s 8d) This frame has steel lugs and bottom bracket shell.

The catalogue lists full specifications of the whole bike builds. If anyone on the list would like details, just let me know.

Any comments from the frame builders on the list?

Mike Waite Amersham Buckinghamshire UK

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