Re: [CR]More Westminster Ramblin--Stash and the Spouse

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Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 20:55:46 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]More Westminster Ramblin--Stash and the Spouse

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> How do the CR people (who aren't dealers) deal with spouses who thing you
> have too big a stash?
> You buy the spouse a bigger house, so that the stash takes up less room, even though the stash is bigger. Take it from a pro, if you have an attic, she'll never know what is up there!! And, if the house is big enough, she won't care! Just make sure she has room to park her car in the garage and all will be cool. I established my own bank account for my bicycle wheelin and dealin over 5 years ago and while I get raised eyebrows, it is usually more over the grease on my clothes than the amount of stuff I have. Sorry, I don't think this can be applied if your spouse is a "he". Lou Deeter, Orlando FL