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Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 23:14:23 -0500
From: Chee-Heng Yeong <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Proteus Bicycles

I have been asleep for a few years but the subject line jumped up at me. A piece of history indeed.

Proteus Bicycles in the '70's was a fount of empowerment and creativity in framebuilding. I'm sure I was not the only starry-eyed cyclist who thought that maybe, just maybe, with a class and the Proteus manual, my own hands could join together steel tubes to be the equal of any European frame of that time.

On 12/23/2001, you sent a post that was so good that I've kept it since; to quote part of it :

"Cycling isn't my destiny, but whatever my destiny is, a bike's going to take me there. They're how I'm journeying to my life's end. It takes me to places where I grow. It takes me to my friends. It connects me with nature. It connects me to myself. Life has so many more possibilities when I'm on a bike.

Our job is to share this "filter on life" to as many people as possible."

Congratulations and may I wish you many fulfilling years to come!

Chee-Heng Yeong It was a tropical day in Providence,Rhode Island

>It's true. I bought Proteus. What an amazing event. It seems destiny (and
>many friends) wills me to follow this course. I give credit and gratitude to
>Larry Black for leading me to this opportunity and to Larry Dean for making
>it possible. These 2 people have spurred a defining time in my life.