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David Feldman posted:
>One book from this time should be considered inspirational
>literature of the highest order--Daniel Behrman's "The Man Who Loved


When Bob Hovey asked:
>does anyone remember the title of a rather large
> (Whole Earth Catalog sized, but thinner) bike book with a green cover,
>sort of watercolor paper-textured? It had some nice Rebour drawings inside and
>also inside was a large photo of a beautiful Condor. Don't remember what
>was on the cover.

I pulled out my copy of 'The Bicycling Book' by John Krausz & Vera van der Reis Krausz (1982). It's not the book that Bob's thinking of, but it covers all (!) facets of cycling 20 years ago. I even found a "Break away with Campagnolo" bumper sticker used as a bookmark. Who remembers those? ;^)

Roy "retro-reader" Drinkwater
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