Re: Are you people high? (Re: [CR]Reported disappearance of the Krispy......

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Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 23:13:23 EST
Subject: Re: Are you people high? (Re: [CR]Reported disappearance of the Krispy......

Well, you seem to be in a pretty small minority, at least in this country!

KK is the fastest-growing purveyor of gut bombs, outpacing those sugarheads at Dunkin' Donuts by about three to one! It's a cultish thing.....

It sounds like maybe you've only tried their "original" glazed donut, perhaps? While quite tasty, it is only one of a whole bunch of flab-inducers that they fry up daily, most of them mighty yummy IMO. You can live off of three Krispy Kremes and H20 for a day or so, easily. The key thing is not to do that...!

(Classic content: donuts = vintage American junk food)

Cheers & sugar buzzes,

Greg Parker Ann Arbor, MI USA (No KK outlet here yet, but we finally got three Paneras... Honey, pass me the brioche, wontcha?)

(Not to be confused with Panteras...)

(Athough, they're kind of an interesting car, but I digress....).

Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 17:28:44 -0800
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> Subject: Are you people high? (Re: [CR]Reported disappearance of the
> Krispy............)
> On Wednesday, February 5, 2003, at 04:29 PM, Sheldon Brown wrote:
> > Sheldon "Never Tried A KKD, They're Not On My No Carb Diet" Brown
> Don't sweat it. . .you're not missing a thing.
> I'm sorry folks but Brian's been huffin too many paint fumes or spent
> too much time in sunny So. Cal. Krispy Kreme "doughnuts" are one of
> the nastiest things you can put in your mouth. Alas, my cooking hero
> Alton Brown was arrested over his love of Krispy Kreme doughnut holes.
> So I guess
> you're in good company. I've never understood people's desire for
> those too airy and sugary pieces of fried dough.
> If Krispy Kreme doughnuts were a bike they'd be one of the super light
> carbon fiber Treks. They're both too light and have too much air in
> them and have nothing but sickening bright glare on the outside. They
> also both come apart and crush way too easily, nothing classic there.
> Now Spudnut doughnuts are the Jack Taylor of confectionary creation,
> solid, predictable, and quite predictable. On the up side for you KK
> lovers is that I will never make the line longer at your dealers
> corner. I do think that the love so people show for KK is only over
> shadowed by crack or heroin addiction. I think they need to classify
> KK as schedule B.
> ciao,
> Brandon"monkeyman"Ives
> Too much sun Santa
> Barbara, California
> PS: Brian if you ever need a place to dry out just give me a call, I'm
> here for ya man.