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Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2003 09:31:31 +0000
Subject: Re: [CR]Reported disappearance of the Krispy............
From: Bob Reid <>
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Brian wrote ;
> Is there such a thing as a "donut" in the UK currently? Or is
> there a similar tart, or does the donut have a different name over
> there? Like the "loo", and bathroom; stuff like that?

And Sheldon pontificated ;
> They do have donuts, but they're about the sort you'd buy in a
> supermarket or diner.
> A French friend of ours once told my wife that the thing she liked
> best about visiting England was the wonderful pastries they sell on
> the ferryboats. Harriet was mystified, and it took a bit of
> description and explanation before Harriet realized that Michelle was
> speaking about the horrible sinkers they sell!

little wonder that popular myth about "England" continues year after year.....

- We do have "Doughnuts" - just the spelling's different. (taken obviously from the generic "dough" word bakers use)

- You can buy them cheap - as on the Ferry from France, in Motorway service stations, in supermarkets - but these tend to be poor.

- You can also buy less expensive but better quality ones - at most half decent local bakers (who unlike the ferry operators, don't rip tend to rip off tourists & native British folk alike).

- Highly recommended for "British" afternoon tea, comes "Betty's" in York...:-)

- We have toilets and bathrooms, and plenty of slang / derivitive names for them many of which are unprintable here, but based on the hygiene standards...

- Warm beer and cricket on Sundays is stuff of former Conservative Prime Ministers flagging at the polls, with little or no policies, a vivid imagination, and apparently a penchant for women.

Bicycle content ;

- You can count on the fingers of one hand, the number of factories where a couple of hundred "workers" ride out at the end of the day on a bike...

- Bobby's on bikes are kind of rare (except the token ATB mounted ones) - even more so, the ones with the "London Bobby" helmets never existed north of the Scotland / England border...

- Next time you visit "England" venture North of the Border into that other bit of Britain - Scotland. We are even more odd ! (plus there are plenty of hills and many traffic free roads as well)

- Britains most succesful rider in International road races is and remains Robert Millar, though the press would have you believe otherwise. (Name one other with such success in the major tours).

I'd love to send over the best example of local donuts, but in this present climate I suspect the authorities might accuse me of transmitting biological weapons. If however anyone's ever in the area, I'm more than happy to treat them...

Bob Reid
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