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Subject: [CR]Re: "Brooks Champion Flyer"

Steve Kurt noticed:
> One item on the website surprised me. It claims that Oscar Wastyn
>built a model called the "Brooks Champion Flyer". Any possible
>connection to the Brooks saddle of the same name?
>see it at: http://www.bicyclemuseum.com/Html/bike6.html

Perhaps so, there were Brooks Champion models in 1914 <http://www.wallbike.com/content/archives/1914brooks/page6.html>, and by 1939 there was a Champion Flyer model <http://www.wallbike.com/content/archives/brownbrothers/39bb285.html>.

Of course, "Brooks" is a common name*, "Champion" and "Flyer" common adjectives.

Speaking about Brooks history, the latest Rivendell Reader (#28) has a 5 page illustrated article on various Swallows and similar saddles. I wish there was a dedicated Brooks history website with photos.

Roy "guess my favorite saddle" Drinkwater Lititz, "19 miles to Honeybrook" PA

* just like Brown & Sachs** ;^)

** at least around here... ;^) ;^)