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Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 10:55:04 -0500
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It probably has more to do with ebay having a free listing day for fixed price auctions. Sometimes when they do a free listing day I put up lots of items and fill in the details later

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Yes, he seems to have moved into the big league from his general fixed gear conversion offerings. I especially like his description in the Herse listing:

"photos & description to follow if I get around to it."

I guess he isn't in a huge rush to sell it (via eBay). Certainly adds new meaning to the buying "sight unseen" phenomenon. Also intriguing that it is a fixed buy it now auction. That more or less takes competitive bidding out of the picture. I suppose that he could be trolling for off-eBay offers to dodge eBay's fees.

Charlie Young

> I see the same seller has some other possible interesting
> bikes (no info, no pics) such as a Rene Herse with a Buy
> Now of $5000, an Olmo Buy Now $800... Hope he gets specs
> and pictures up soon.
> John Price
> Denver CO

Charlie Young
Honeybrook, PA