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Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 12:13:48 EST
Subject: Re: [CR] Off topic... CR time cutoff...

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<< By the way, are the "on topic" dates fixed or do they slide up each year? I ask because CR logo show until 1980 but I think on topic is now up until 1983??? >>

Yes, very observant of you! When I decided the cut-off date (sort of arbitrarily but still defendable I think) it was set at 1980 and each year I have advanced it to keep the "line of demarcation" at a 20 year gap. I know the VCC has discussed this approach too. It is hard to find a line and stick to it. No mater what cut-off point I chose, someone would argue it wasn't correct and that I should change to include their favorite era... 1983 is, in a way, even better with the phasing in of Mtbs.... and the increase and acceptance of welding.... and the phasing out of NR/SR and incoming C-Record.... Incoming clipless pedals, cycle computers..... Incoming "aero" stuff including Dura Ace AX..... yada yada..

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