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Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 15:27:51 +0100

Well!............I can say that there is no major bike swap going on here in Holland or the serounding aera! But hey!.......There is a few hush places with goods that will leave you ''SCREAMING FOR DAYS!'' I'll stop there it's making me crazy!!

Then there's Queens birthday and the ''BIG CITIES'!'' such Amsterdam, Rotterdam are one ''HUGH!'' free for all, swap meets!...............At the stroke on midnight of 4/30/03!.........The selling begins while the party started many hours before! This last year the main train station of Amsterdam was closed down for incoming and out going trains, up to 4 hours due to the city being over crowded.......Cruise around one of these things on a folder if you haven't had to much to drink and some pretty interesting things do show up! But then again it's a hit or miss.

BC Baron C..............And the gang!!......Renaissance cycles, Eindhoven-Holland..............Sorry for the tease!

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> I can tell you that in April alone in Pennsylvania I can think of two swaps. One is State College and another in Trexlertown. Trexlertown is more to the liking with classic folks although you can always dig up little bits and pieces in State College as well. I picked up two SR front derailleurs for $3 once. A set of Campy hubs for $20 another time. Then I heard there is some type of little get together at the beginning of May in some town called Greensboro. Not sure about this one though...
> Walt Skrzypek in Falls Creek, Pa where it is snowing and blowing
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> > It makes me jealous that there are so many cool swaps in the EAST,
> are there any here in the WEST??
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