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Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 23:28:10 -0500
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At 9:17 AM -0500 2/13/03, Mara & Steven Maasland wrote:
>Jan wrote:
>Maybe somebody else has more info... I have never seen other brake
>pads than the current ones, but then, they all may have been replaced
>at some stage. That said, the first Rebour drawing of the Racers,
>from 1952, which was published in Le Cycle with a note that these
>wonderful new brakes, carefully designed for maximum mechanical
>advantage, etc., shows the four-dot pads. If they are not 100% the
>same, they look very close.
>I believe Jan is almost totally correct. The 4-dout pads seems to have
>remained the same throughout the production. Perhaps they made a rubber
>compound change but it did maintain the same shape. I do seem to
>however recall that the cyclo-cross/tandem version did come with a 5-
>dot pad. Can anybody confirm or deny this?

We have some of these in stock, never heard of any relation to cyclocross, though...these are generally considered "tandem" pads. See:

We used to have a card of Mafac refills that said "patins a ventouses." It is amusing to me that the French word for "brake shoe", "patin" is literally translated as "skate!"

Although I speak pretty fair French, "ventouses" was not in my vocabulary, so I had to look it up. It generally refers to the suckers on the tentacles of an octopus, or to what we in the U.S. call a "suction cup."

There have been inferior knockoffs of the "véritable" patins a ventouses. Unfortunately, the authentic ones haven't been made for quite a few years, and even the NOS ones have largely dried out, so they don't work nearly as well as fresh ones would. I believe this is generally true of "vintage" brake shoes.

For a "rider" I've found that the Kool Stop refills made for pre 2000 Campagnolo holders also fit Mafac holders. They're a bit longer, so they'll either hang out the back end of the holder, or you can trim them down with a utility knife. The Salmon colored shoes work better than anything Mafac ever made.


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