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Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 20:06:32 -0500
From: "Pete Rutledge" <>
Subject: Re: Re: [CR]cleaning anodized finish?
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Please note in my message the explanation of why I did it. The cranks looked white--really not very nice. I would be the last one to destroy a nice original anodized finish that was in nice shape. In this case, it was either get another set of cranks or try to salvage these. And, besides, as described in previous messages from other people, one still has the option of re-anodizing after a good polish job.

Pete Rutledge
Woodbridge, VA

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From: Nick Zatezalo
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> It pains me to hear all these testimonials for how wonderful it is to remove anodized finishes from your Campagnolo jewels.This process was applied to the original parts to provide a long lasting barrier to oxidation.Removal accelerates the oxidation process & requires continual refinishing.Besides the anodized finish has a beautiful non-polished luster which can never be revived after removal.For those who adher to the policy of not refinishing paint until it is beyond patina;why ruin a fine anodized finish.
> Yeah if the anodizing is gone polish away,but if there is some semblance remaining rejuvenate.Do not destroy.
> My .02
> Nick Zatezalo
> Atlanta,Ga
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> > Ann,
> My cranks weren't too beat up--tiny black spots here and there and larger
> areas where the anodize was worn off from being rubbed by the toe straps.
> But the extent to which they are beat up does not determine how long you
> treat them with the Easy-Off. The idea of the Easy-Off is to remove all
> of
> the anodize, so that you will be able to polish the bare aluminum. I
> proceeded cautiously because I wasn't sure what the Easy-Off would do to
> the
> aluminum if left it on too long. A total of 12 minutes would be about
> right
> for what I did. As to whether Mother's would work well on its own--it
> won't
> do anything at all to the aluminum until you get the anodized finish off.
> And once you strip off the anodized finish, the aluminum will be bare and
> it
> will be subject to oxidizing (tarnishing) again, so you will have to
> re-polish them again periodically. A good coat of wax after polishing
> will
> keep them shiny longer by keeping the oxygen in the air away from the bare
> aluminum. I stripped my cranks because the anodized finish had aged to
> the
> point where the cranks looked dull and whitish. At least now when they
> get
> dull I can do something about it--easily.
> Pete Rutledge
> Woodbridge, VA