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Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 14:46:19 -0800
From: "Dennis Young" <mail@woodworkingboy.com>
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You might try contacting Jan Heine, I believe he was offering some of these issues for sale at one point. If no luck there, I can probably obtain a issue for you. A subscription to "New Cycling" would probably not be very enjoyable to someone interested in classic bikes. Most of the issues don't touch on the subject, and have articles with small numbers of photos. (Lots of pics of kids on folding bikes) Every once in a while they come out with a special and noteworthy issue, or at least used to.

Dennis Young Hotaka, Japan

> I was reading a book on Rene Herse, publishing by the Japanese magazine, =
> "New Cycling." A superb book, with not only reproductions of several of =
> the Herse catalogs of the 50s through 1970, but also with a series of =
> glossly, full color and well detailed photos of about 30 or so of these =
> bikes (presumably now in Japan.) I have tried to get copies of the =
> magazine that produced this book, "New Cycling" through some on line =
> companies that normally handle Japanese publications, and from several =
> sources in the US. No luck. Anyone know of any source for these in =
> the US or someone who will arrange for a subscription?
> Dave Novoselsky,
> Chicago, Illinois