Re: [CR]ID this rear derailleur? JAPENESE (sic) COLLECTORS

Example: Framebuilders:Brian Baylis

Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2003 10:49:54 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]ID this rear derailleur? JAPENESE (sic) COLLECTORS

(snippage) they have the "Huevos" to bid, while the rest of the USA and other collectors still hope to steal items from less than "PHD" collectors. USA collectors should be ashamed of themselves, pathetic.(snippage)

Ha. "Japanese collectors"? Shouldn't that read, "one or two Japanese collectors, with apparently unlimited hobby funds, and maybe more money than brains?" Exceptions do not define a market.

To amuse myself, I occasionally bid against them, just to drive the price up. I know that a counterbid will virtually certainly click in promptly, to relieve me of any obligation to buy the item. And, of course, I only bid on things I would actually like to own, just in case I unexpectedly win. :-) Sellers, no need to thank me.


Peter Bridge
Denver, CO