[CR]an unusual Colnago (Mark Agree's) - pic site is up

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Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 21:52:41 -0500
From: ben kamen <dupe@mac.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Subject: [CR]an unusual Colnago (Mark Agree's) - pic site is up

2/25/03 1:53 PMclassicrendezvous-request@bikelist.org

Hey all,

Pics and details of Mark Agree's Colnago are up on the following link. Click and keep clicking for bigger details of all the thumbs. Definately more than meets the eye and some colnago trainspotters out there will be happily intrigued with some of its unique features.


If its not list specific (pre-Hooters) its not very far off to my untrained eye. It is the 80's and budding with early aero ideas. I shudder to think what Ernesto was wearing around that time - perhaps the worst dressed bicycle artisan ever (history will tell) but then again i see that tradition is kept alive and well and them Le Cirque pics are testament to that. Not namin' names ....

So ... what did you look like around the time of the CR cut off period (1983) ????? Id be happy to compile pics of the list members circa the early 80's (CR cut off period) on a web page(s). Think of it like the Goodwood Festival of Speed where all attendees come in period dress. Le Cirque with the same restrictions wouldn't be as cool as most wouldn't have to think much about changing their attire. I figure if we are to keep our interest of classic bikes till that period it would be interesting to note what we all looked like - for better or worse. It would be not only therapeutic in a sense but fun. Send any image file/format (any size) you like to me but be honest - im expecting about 30 dubiously sourced Bruce Jenner stock images and lots of 'stache's like Kevin Costner. Cross dresser's identities will be kept private (for a fee). I promise not to post it anywhere else unless you owe me money. What have you got to lose?

There is a Mystery Prize for the winner (NOS) - ill do my best to verify the image is authentic, and im the judge ;-)

scan them forgotten ealy 80's pics - you have one week.


ben "Hardcore Purist Fashionista" kamen NY, "if i owned a Colnago id sport a comb-over like Ernesto" NY

> From: FujiFish1@aol.com
> Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 12:08:00 EST
> Subject: Re: [CR] was: reverse brake mounting, and an unusual Colnago
> Up until yesterday I was somewhat behind on reading my CR digests, so this
> thread has died off. However, there is more to be said on the subject...
> I purchased a Colnago road bike on Ebay set up with both front and rear
> brake mounted on the insides. This is the small (51 cm) white Colnago with
> the possible Campagnolo Super Record Modified (milled flat sides so that bike
> manufacturers could pantograph their names on it) seatpost that was discussed
> here last month. The set was repainted by CycleArt (decal on the left
> chainstay). There are some features that I have never even heard of, let
> alone seen before, and I have yet to contact Jim Cunningham about it.
> The fork crown has NO brake mounting bolt hole coming through to the
> front. The headset is clearly of a smaller diameter than the usual 1",
> perhaps 3/4" or so. The TTT (Colnago panto) stem tapers at the bottom of the
> quill to accommodate this, and is black top to bottom. The two main "lugs"
> of the bottom bracket have a doubled effect, like a lug inside a lug. (What
> do you call that connection, if not a lug?) The internal routing for the
> rear brake cable emerges on the drive side of the bike, seemingly in
> accordance with the reversed Campy caliper placement (recessed allen head, by
> the way). The frame's main tubing is perforated four times along the length,
> to sort of square it off, and the shifters are mounted back to back on a
> podium, on top of the top tube, with the wires running directly into the
> frame, and then emerging again at the bottom bracket.
> Like I said, the fork crown has no evidence of a bolt hole in the front.
> The decals Jim put on it are very cool too, IMHO. There was no tubing decal
> applied with the repaint.
> The brakes also look like the ones sold on Ebay that began this
> "assbackwards" thread (Triomphe?). But, the brake pads are actually marked
> "Super Record" in the rubber (that's not really Campy, is it?), and the
> flimsy aluminum tabs have club panto's.
> The steering is indeed limited just slightly when turning to the left,
> because of the rear-facing brake. The seatpost's clamp, cradle and bolt do
> look to me, exactly like Super Record, but the shaft is quite short, allowing
> only about 3.5" below the modification, and there are no markings. This
> kinda looks like an after market cutoff. It is interesting that the shaft
> bore looses its center near the end, and becomes somewhat offset. Perhaps
> Campy was unaware that the bores were slightly crooked? Super Record cranks
> with Colnago pantographs and "Mexico-like" rounding are dated 1981.
> Since nobody mentioned Colnago in the discussion, I'm wondering if this
> frameset is on or off topic. It does definitely have some CR timeline parts
> on it though. Was this set designed for time trialing like the other bikes
> mentioned that used the reverse brake mounting? Was this a normal thing for
> Colnago, or something rare? Is there any way of confirming the Campy
> seatpost? And what about that tiny steerer threading, and the double "lugs"?

> Thanks...

> Mark Agree

> Oak Park MI