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To: Lee Berg <>
From: "Steven L. Sheffield" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Remove from List
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 16:41:47 -0500

As a West Coaster, now living in the land of Zion, I have always welcomed contacts from Ken ... he provided valuable information in my quest to gather information on A.S. Gillott and Ron Cooper (, and was very generous in providing photos of his 1948 Taper Tube.

Believe me ... I think some of the West coasters are too thin-skinned as well.

Anyone on this list who's also on the iBOB list knows that I'm not afraid of getting into it with anyone ... if someone is acting like an ass, I'll tell them ... and if someone tells me that I'm acting like an ass, then oh well ...

Words is words ... and they only hurt if you let them. It's not like anyone is beating anyone else with a Clement Seta ...

At Thursday, 27 February 2003, Lee Berg <> wrote:
>I hope you will reconsider and stay on the list. I find your
>contributions to be very valuable. I just think we West-Coasters are
>much more thin-skinned and "indirect" than East-Coasters and some may
>be too willing to misinterpret your direct, "unvarnished" tone.
>Lee Berg
>Palo Alto
>ken denny wrote:
>> Dale,
>> Please remove me from your CR list. In three days I have been attacked
>from all directions, most recently this unprovoked diatrabe. I don't deserve
>this kind of garbage, nor do I wish to participate in dialogue that is
>not reciprocal and rewarding. I honestly do not need this kind of negativity.
>People on your list should get used to observation, comment and critique
>- it is a constructive process.
>> It is more than obvious to me that the West-Coast contingent of this
>hobby has a negative impression of myself, and unfortunately I am not
>able to, nor have I ever been able to rectify the issues that they have
>infectiously and unilaterally fostered amongst themselves over the years.
>> God luck to you and the CR group.
>> Peace,
>> Ken Denny
>> Boston


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