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Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 17:11:19 -0800
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ok, while i think that jans response to ken was a bit much, i do have to jump in to her defense in the face of comments suggesting people use "extreme caution" when dealing with her.

i may not have known jan for as long as many other list members, but i have never known her or peter to be anything but straight dealers, and would deal with her without reservation. whatever spat there may or may not exist with ken, i would never expect her to deliberately or deceptively misrepresent any of the oftimes quite rare things shes had for sale.

frankly, its quite possible that this whole thing started over a simple omission - and has anyone ever considered that perhaps this particular hubset was originally ordered, for one reason or another, with different spoke holes? unmatched hubsets arent terribly inconceivable, and as some have mentioned, were common in some markets...

sorry to continue beating a now well-tenderized horse, but just had to say that...

>I agree with David Faulkner that Jan's comments were coming from
>self-interest as well as the fit of hostility she must be carrying over from
>another life. I would exercise extreme caution with any seller who gets bent
>out of shape because someone drew attention to the incomplete posting of
>relevant information of an item he/she was offering for sale.

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