[CR]Tires , Tiring , Semi-Pneumatic , Wheelchair , High Wheel , was - Large Tubulars for a 1892 Racing high Bicycle.

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Once again , just in case someone out there might benefit . . .

And of course Tyre = Tire .

Now that Tim mentions it , I knew there was something else out there besides the REALLY tight , skinny steel cable . Cork-screw wire sounds interesting .

I knew that Tim would have experience with the stuff .

I knew that it's available in different widths .

I knew that it was possible to cause damage to a fine old antique bicycle , if the fine old antique were made for lighter - softer - springier , true pneumatic tires .

But , if all you want is a display , or a bicycle which will be ridden twice a year in short parades on smooth city streets , it might be a good temporary solution .

I had never thought about weight limits before !! Is this tire-material available with different wall thicknesses ?? I know that the really narrow rubber has only a tiny passage for the steel cable , and is therefore basically solid - HARD - synthetic rubber . But if you get the really wide stuff , specifically made to be kind to the polished floors of hospitals and the like , can you buy different wall thicknesses , with the same outside diameter ??

I would guess that many telephone calls , to many different wheelchair specialists , would result in some interesting and obscure information . I'd ask about softer tire-material "with more cushion" . I would not expect them to know that the material was softer because it had thinner walls , or that it was lighter as a result . But , I can easily believe that there might be softer material available for lighter weight people . Children's hospital's perhaps ? And , if they don't know anything about softer , you might still ask about lighter . As a bicycle shop manager , I had conversations with people who were looking to make their portable folding wheelchairs lighter . They didn't want to switch over to tires with real inner tubes in them . But they did want lighter tiring . I wasn't able to help with that , but maybe such stuff is available .

I never thought about "light-load" , or "soft-cushion" , or "heavy-duty" , wheelchair tiring ( tyring ) .

And the real racing wheelchairs are often called "bikes" . And those Phil Wood hubs for racing wheelchairs sure were amazing ! And those racers ( like all racers ) are some serious athletes !

Raoul Delmare Marysville Kansas

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Hi Raoul, Thanks for the Info on this Tyreing, I have seen the USA version of our solid tyreing we have here in England, This is fitted the same as you are descibing, with a wire through it. I actually have about 10 coils of the English version here in variuous diametre's, which i sell and fit to high bicycles and pre 1890 machines, The English solid tyeing has a cork screw wire through it, It is easier to fit and you dont need a machine to fit it. I could fit this to the rims, but the 1" dia red I have is very heavy and would hammer the rim to bits. The Stuff you are talking about sounds like the solid US stuff, but hollow. ?

This might just do the trick?

Yours Tim Gunn,
Near London, (Raining), England