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I think this puppy has been up for auction before! But you need come over and pull up a chair in one of these small Belgium Villages or towns that has a nice square! For sure you will see old pot bellied cyclist riding their old coverted Masis and Cinellis around the square looking for a table to pull up to for their Cappuccino! I've done this in the past sitting there for hours and hours watching these old guy come through!......We get there for some lunch sit back and talk then something sweet another cup of coffee then a few more bites to eat! Before you know it's dinner time so we decide to hang a little bit longer! Now they are sporting dress shoes and dinner jackets!....................While we are having a Pot of Muscles! Some really good times!.............Your head turning one way then another goes the other way so your mind is trying to decide which way your head should turn, toward the old Legnano or towards the Masi!.................Then from straight on a thing of Beauty shows up!

Hey I'm going home...................Where there is no CPs anymore.

BC Baron C.................And the gang Renaissance cycles, Eindhoven Holland.

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> Be still, my beating heart. Tossing upright bars on this and riding around
> town would force me to start drinking
> cappuccino and letting my pinky stick out when I hold the cup! (It's a
> Cinelli touring bike)
> Steve Barner, classless in Bolton Vermont