Re: [CR]Regina hollow pin chain....

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Subject: Re: [CR]Regina hollow pin chain....
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 03 12:31:15 +1300
From: "Wayne Davidson" <>

Hi all, Firstly apology to MR Hilary Stone, always something out there to trip me and others up. Well I am not worrying, have my health to do that to me :-), but a nimble lightweight bike is like taking a ride in a hi performance 12 cylinder car, very recommended before we leave this mortal coil, thats why my Rigi has a lot of alloy parts on it, sure if I really wanted lightweight I could have done the Ti and Huret jubille thing, but I do want a lightweight fully Italian bike, its getting closer thanx to eBay and listmembers, I now have some parst from my wants list, still a couple to go, but getting there slowly......regards wayne davidson Invercargill NZ