Re: Fw: [CR]Value of Modolo Superprestige NOS in box

Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2003 12:32:19 EST
Subject: Re: Fw: [CR]Value of Modolo Superprestige NOS in box

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> And I heard from someone who'd actually been to the factory , that the
> name was pronounced with all "long o's" , and with the accent hard on
> the
> first one . If it were spelled in English , it might be spelled :
> "MOE - doe - loe" .
> Of course , if it really had been spelled with all those e's , in
> Italiano , then all of those e's would have gotten pronounced too !
> But you know what I mean .
> Any comments out there ?

How about Mow-Doh!-low?

Actually, I thought it was supposed to be pronounced with all hard "o"s

Pete Geurds (yes, my kids got me watching Simpsons) Douglassville, PA