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Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2003 13:11:09 +0100

Wait until someone gets a handle on the vast offerings to be had coming out of the European front!..........The Benalux! Belgiums and Dutch are bicycle crazy when the season is on you can catch a race everyday on TV! It's in their blood! So these guys go through bikes like water. Every 2 to 3 years most will get a new bike and many will see a new frame every other year or so. Here bike shops used to trade in bikes like a car dealers but they don't touch the old race bikes anymore!........Some of these trade-ins have been sitting for ages.Some shops will have up th 60 pieces! This is the only way ebay sellers Chad157 and Collalbo can list 10 to 20 bikes at a pop! Sure Collalbo offerings are seeing relist after relist! But I don't think these bikes belongs to him! His prices are way to high for what they can really be had for.
>From the looks of it these bike are coming from 2 or 3 shops.

Will it be myself, I don't think so, we have a progarm and we are not straying away to far away from it! Anyway, it's to time consuming to pack a bike for shipping! Some of you know what I go through th get a bike or frame to it's final destination!.............It's a headach but then again a little of this and a little of that and it all adds up!

BC Baron C.......................And the gang, Eindhoven, Holland.............My blood get pumping when I see a nice bike for a good price and many times I will buy it!

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> << Ebay has actually caused the prices to go down, not up. An explanation
> would
> be that whereas prior to ebay, the buyers didn't see many of these bikes in
> as relative a sense as today and felt compelled to pay higher prices just to
> grab the ones they did see. Now, the buyer can be much more selective as
> patience will pay off with the right bike in size, condition, and price.
> And, all these pictures being shared surely acts as a soothing salve to our
> collective juices. And, because of all of this, the collectors/riders are
> getting what they need/want, then exiting the market to be much more
> selective with their purchases. That logically leads one to believe that
> since most current riders are not riding lugged steel, that the demand is
> not
> keeping up with the supply when it comes to an 'average' lugged steel bike.
> I put in that category, the many late 70s, early 80s Italian frames,
> Paramounts, PX10s, and the like. >>
> That is Captain Lou Deeter, not Albano.
> EBay has flooded the market. How many of these bikes would still be hanging
> in garages/basements with sellers having no clue where to sell them?? The
> average LBS? No. Yard Sale? No. eBay? YES! The ultra-rare/exclusive bikes
> are the ones that are insulated from this phenomenon. Not everyone on this
> list can own a Confente due to the math (not just production number, but
> $$$...or is that the same thing??) But everyone can own a PX-10 or Carlton
> and there will still be plenty to go around. And you don't have to decide
> whether to repave the driveway this year or not! I am often amazed at how
> many of these "second tier" or production bikes are relatively unused when
> you get them...original chain still within tolerances, original front tire,
> all know what I am talking about. Most of these bikes weren't
> trained on in all weather and crashed in a Cat IV criterium or taken on an
> extended tour. If you ride your bikes, this is where you can really get some
> serious bang for your buck. Or like-new parts for your Masi.
> And really, I'd be kidding myself if I thought an overweight, undertrained,
> hairy legged, pasty white guy in his late thirties (like me) would have any
> Mojo working regardless what I was riding?
> At least my dogs think I'm great...
> Ed Kasper
> Detroit
> Where all the salt on the road won't dissuade me from riding my recent $150
> eBay acquisition: 80s Bertoni with full Columbus SL f/f, 600/Dura-Ace mix,
> MA-40s, etc. (Good example of mediocre production frame that rides OK.)