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I remember these .

These had come out just prior to the time that I began employment at a certain bicycle shop , located just North of "The Drag" , in Austin , Texas . So maybe these are from just right around 1982 - 1985 ?

Or do I remember then from just slightly earlier ?

As I recall , they were usually black , sometimes white . There were other Modolo brakes which were gold or silver , but I don't think those were the quite the same as these . Did the opaque black & opaque white ; come out after the shinier silver & shinier gold ?

There was much discussion over whether it was possible that some other company had actually engineered a brake which might be BETTER than Campagnolo brakes . Sacrilege ! The pads were definitely formed by sintering ( heating and compressing a powder , without melting , so that the particles are permanently joined but with each particle still retaining its original chemistry ) . But , was that actually some percentage of metal in there ? Those pads definitely worked very well . There was much talk of descending in the rain , road racing versus commuting , icy conditions , Tulio's mountain pass wheel change , etc. , etc .

The particular aluminum alloy used on these black or white Modolo sets , seemed harder and stiffer than Campagnolo . ( I know , I know , all forged aluminum should theoretically be the same stiffness . ) This may have allowed them to use less material ? Did they weigh significantly less than a Campagnolo brake set ? If a brake caliper were ( Heaven Forbid ! ) ever accidentally bent , could it be straightened ? Or would it just snap like a steel Shimano drop-out ? Some things can definitely be too hard and too brittle !

I think I may still have one of those small black wrenches , somewhere . It made me feel proud to have a little group of small wrenches , a couple of small ones from Campagnolo , a Campagnolo "T" wrench ( 2/3 allen key ) , a Campagnolo "L" wrench ( "pregnant" allen key ) , a Cinelli 7mm allen key , and a Modolo brake wrench ( from one of those ets - odd that some customers had no interest in the tools ! ) , all grouped together .

I can't recall if the Modolo allen keys were stamped with the Modolo name .

And I heard from someone who'd actually been to the factory , that the name was pronounced with all "long o's" , and with the accent hard on the first one . If it were spelled in English , it might be spelled : "MOE - doe - loe" . Of course , if it really had been spelled with all those e's , in Italiano , then all of those e's would have gotten pronounced too ! But you know what I mean .

Any comments out there ?

Raoul Delmare
Marysville Kansas

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> I've put two pictures on
> http://www.mappel.de/modolo
> Martin Appel
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> On Sun, 02 Mar 2003 09:58:31 +0100
> "Martin Appel" <martin@camelot.de> wrote:
> >i have a set of Modolo Superprestige brakes in a presentation box.
> >the box contains the levers, the brakes, an intruction sheet, the
> >cables, two allen keys and a wrench, a cloth and a small bag
> >containing
> >some wire-end nipples. (anyone knows if that box is complete?)
> >the see-through cover of the box is damaged on one side, the
> >silver-colored cable housings have red spots (i guess from lying on
> >the
> >cloth for years) and the white rubber parts have yellowish stains.
> >What price do you think i could expect for that?
> >I'm trying to make up my mind whether to keep it or put it on sale.
> >
> >thanks in advance,
> >
> >Martin Appel
> >Munich, Germany