Re: [CR]The Making of a Modern Classic.

Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 09:39:34 -0700
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
Subject: Re: [CR]The Making of a Modern Classic.
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Chuck Ô¿Ô¬ Schmidt L.A.

Richard M Sachs wrote:
> If you are on this list, there is a good chance that you
> appreciate fine bicycles and also appreciate quality. I
> have spent most of the past year working on a project
> that I am now pleased to make public.
> I am introducing a new line of frame-making materials,
> soon to be available to all builders, production shops,
> and to folks that just want to keep them on their mantelpiece.
> Please visit this link to view the first pictures of the
> Richard Sachs lugs and fork crown:
> (once there, please bookmark)
> To keep step with the times, to be able to employ the
> best of the steels currently available, and to be able to
> build bicycle frames in the fashion that I deem best—to
> do all this on my own terms and be able to share it with
> likeminded frame builders, enthusiasts, and aficionados—
> I have designed and produced a new set of frame lugs
> and fork crown that represent a high degree of style,
> precision, and elegance, sized for use with modern,
> lightweight, oversized steel tubing.
> The design of the lugs is an evolved version of the detail
> work I did on various frames built in the 1970s and 1980s
> coupled with some shapes I have explored for the last 6-7
> years. In addition to being spec’d for oversized tubes, the
> lower head lug has cast-in threaded bosses for modern gear
> systems. The upper head lug has a built in 14mm extension
> to better complement modern headset and stem dimensions.
> And the seat lug is just plain bitchin’!
> The fork crown represents the first change to my flat crown
> shape since 1982. I widened the centerlines by 8mm and
> increased the pocket height by 6mm. The brake holes are
> pre-drilled and counter-bored, while a built-in lip exists to
> keep the steerer ‘in place’. Newly added contours on the
> crown’s shelf will help better position the headset race. Each
> pocket has a precision cast ‘well’ built in to receive decorative
> reinforcements—brazed in simultaneously with the fork blade—
> which will be supplied. Because the crown is hollow, these
> additions & revisions will not affect the overall weight.
> To borrow from the film Spinal Tap, "I hope you like my new
> direction". The first pieces should be off the back of the truck
> within a week or two. By that time I will have firm prices for
> all those interested in making a purchase. If you have any
> questions about these new pieces, please contact me.
> Lastly, a word of praise and attribution: Kirk Pacenti has
> been an enormous influence on me. While my lug project was
> teetering along nicely in the seedling stages, it occurred to me
> that I should also do the complementary fork crown. It was
> fairly easy for me to communicate my needs and desires to
> the casting house for the three lugs.. However, the fork crown
> presented a separate challenge. I made a completed mock-up
> based on my existing crown and collaborated with Kirk to
> come up with a solution that would be rational and easy to
> manufacture. Kirk’s ability to interpret my aesthetic and translate
> it into engineering drawings made all the work involved that much
> easier. He was my eyes and ears for this piece. Thank you, Kirk,
> for a job well done!
> That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.
> Richard Sachs Cycles
> No.9, North Main Street
> Chester, CT 06412 USA
> Tel. 860.526.2059