Re: [CR]Bianchi Tour de France model - history?

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Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2003 14:18:10 -0700
From: "Chuck Schmidt" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Bianchi Tour de France model - history?
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Dave Patrick wrote:
> I would be most appreciative if any CR members can fill me in on any
> information related to the Bianchi TdF model. I understand that it came out
> in 1952, and featured the very first Campy Gran Sport derailleur. I have
> also see pictures of two models from the late 1950s. One item of note is
> that on the early models that I've seen, the indents/crimps in the
> chainstays are painted a different/darker shade of blue than the main frame
> color, which is Bianchi celeste green/blue. During what years did this
> occur? And for what years did the integral headset occur? Any info related
> to these questions, and other pertinent info in dating specific years, would
> be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your consideration.
> Dave Patrick
> Chelsea, Michigan

Actually the Bianchi Tour de France model predates the Campagnolo Gran Sport derailleur. The model name commemorates Fausto Coppi's TdF victory in 1949 in which he used the Simplex TdF derailleur, and the bike was sold with Simplex derailleurs (and drop outs). Later on the TdF model came with Campagnolo Gran Sport derailleurs and drop outs. Hugo Koblet won the '51 Tour and Fausto Coppi the '52 Tour using Gran Sport.

There was also a Bianchi Campione del Mondo model equipped Campagnolo Gran Sport derailleurs that commemorated Coppi's '53 Worlds victory.

Chuck Schmidt SoPas, SoCal