Re: [CR]Re: Paramount Touring Bikes -- Rear Mechs?

Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 19:36:26 -0800
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Paramount Touring Bikes -- Rear Mechs?
From: "Mark A. Perkins" <>

Harvey Sachs wrote:
> 1973: "The P-15 Paramount is equipped with teh new Schwinn-Approved
> GT-300 "Le Tour" derailleur..." Picture at poor angle, but looks like a Crane.

Harvy and everyone:

Please look again Harvey. I have a copy of every Schwinn catalog from the '70's (as well as some '60's & '80's - everything after that doesn't matter to me), and last week I checked, and again tonight. Get your magnifying glass out, because the main photo of the "Opaque Blue" Paramount P-15-9, which is a perfect right-side view of a P-15, clearly shows a Campy Gran Tourissimo rear derailleur. The catalogs list this Campy one-full-pound-of-steel on the P-15 for '71, '72' & '73. The Schwinn approved GT-300 "Le Tour" was introduced (in the catalog at least) in '74. Of course we all know that it (the Le Tour der.) could have come out in late '73, but the catalog does not indicate so, it does indicate that the "Le Tour" tires were new for '73. Also, upon looking through the catalog a little further I noticed the Campy GT rear on the "Sports Tourer" as well.

It seems like I read or heard somewhere that Campagnolo dropped the Gran Tourissimo derailleur sometime around '73 or '74, but I couldn't confirm that with my copy (probably 6-mos. old) of the Campy time line. Unless Chuck has updated the info. I couldn't find any mention of when they dropped the GT rear der.

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