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Sounds like a photo-op to me! An academic's home shop--the bookshelf is the workbench. Send a photo over, Paul.

Speaking of spare tire bags--does anyone have a suggestion for a good under-the-seat bag for a spare sewup? I have used a couple of Madden bags for years and really liked them. All the ones I find now are either too small for a sewup, or are really ugly, like the Pedros.

Steve Barner, Bolton, Vermont

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> Harvey,
> Sounds perfect to me!
> I am still an academic. Having switched careers from archaeology to
> geography I am just finishing my doctoral dissertation in the latter.
> Therefore, I should have noted that my home office is also packed to the
> rafters with books, papers, computer stuff, etc. Actually the book case in
> the office is also the place where I place my cleaned and polished parts
> prior to a build - on the fronts of shelves, in front of the books. On the
> shelves at the moment I have: a Mafac Racer brakeset, a Cinelli stem, a pair
> of first gen. LOOK pedals, a pair of cycling gloves, the head-badge from the
> Falcon, a tyre bag with spare tubular inside, my heart rate monitor, and a
> bottle of Testors paint and brush for doing touch-ups when I get bored with
> writing. On top of the shelf are my two helmets, in front of the shelf is an
> empty bike box, and on a coat-hanger in the closet I have six tyres nestled
> close to my jackets and ties (I also teach at the University level). Leaning
> against the filing cabinet is one wheel-set and a pair of rims. In front of
> the closet is my overflowing toolbox, a pile of rags, a can of varsol,
> various tubes of polish, a can of WD40, a bottle of Phil's Tenacious Oil -
> which i have had for about 10 years, an old baking powder container in which
> I am soaking some old nipples, a baggie in which I have two-wheels-worth of
> spokes, a cardboard box in which I have the parts for the PX10E .... etc.,
> etc.
> The fun goes on. And, of course, you know I am procrastinating big time
> right now ;^)
> Cheers,
> Paul.
> Paul Williams, Ottawa ("actually on my weekly teaching stint in Kingston at
> the moment") ON, Canada