[CR]Gilles Berthoud--or, german lesson

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Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 21:45:55 -0800 (PST)
From: <chasds@mindspring.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Gilles Berthoud--or, german lesson

I thought a little levity (just a little, mind you) might be in order, since we've all been so well-behaved after the latest tempest in a thimble (or what-have-you..)

I went and looked at the Gilles Berthoud outed here on the list, and, in an idle moment, procrastinating against the necessity of doing something more productive, I used a web translator on the text of the auction, to wit:

"Randonneur " Gilles Berthoud "

They offer Gilles Berthoud in the frame height 59cm in this auction on an absolutely mint Randonneur of the sign.

The sign Gilles Berthoud is became "fell produced the true connoisseur through its qualitatively very high-value frames a concept in this model the frame in the aufwenigen Brazed" procedure per hand.

The processing quality is begin readily comparably with that of a Florian of wise man frame its frame new price from 1800 Euros.

The equipment of this Gilles Berthoud Randonneurs is more than noble and sits down follows how together:

-Control XTR

-Hubs XT (blackly)

-Cranks T. A.

-Interior warehouse Dura Ace

-Before building Syntace

-Lenker Modolo 8 Xtenos

-Saddle support Nitto 66

-Rims Mavic

-Tax rate Stronglight Delta

-Wood fender

By request with Lowrider and suitable Bushwacker pockets.

The paid new price frame + equipment amounts to itself on 2300,- Euro

The bicycle is located find in a first-class condition as well as all things that you in my further auctions."

I can't decide on my favorite moment here: A) "The equipment of this Gilles Berthoud Randonneurs is more than noble and sits down follows how together..." Or, B) "Tax rate Stronglight Delta"

No slam against the auction, the seller, nor the bike intended. It looks like a really nice machine...but I will say this. If I built a frame with the same attention to accuracy offered by current web translation programs, I'm guessing said frame would look more like a jungle-gym than a frame, but that's another story..

Charles "bored" Andrews