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Now I don't know about the rest of you, but this, IMHO, is about the coolest bit of info I've seen in a while! :-D I just spent a few minutes with Grant's little code list and inspected the wide range of Shimano parts in the basement and it pretty much confirmed it for me (not that I doubted it, I just wanted to see it in person!).

Thanks very much for that info Grant. That'll be pasted in the shop for future Shimano dating purposes! And it seems to work on non-Dura Ace parts as well! Too cool.

David Bilenkey Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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> David Bilenkey asked: Where would this 'date-code' be found? And on what
> parts?
> David,
> Virtually all parts are stamped with the code.
> Crank arms are usually around the pedal threading, on the back
> brake calipers are on the back, usually beside model code
> rear derailleur on the pulley cage
> seat post on the lower shaft
> hubs on the flange, between holes
> bb on the spindle, cups on the face
> cassettes stamped on the individual cogs, don't confuse the grouping marks
> for the date code
> even chain links can be marked too
> the stamping is usually "lighter" and in smaller letters
> than the other model marks, in a different font



> grantmclean