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Subject: Re: [CR]Reynolds 531 "CCM"
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 20:58:46 -0500

I had a CCM w/ a frame like Paul described. Someone gave it to me. It could have been back on the road w/ some work.

Simplex Prestige derailleurs, cottered crank, centerpull brakes & a rotted Brooks B15(?). It also had the worst lug outlining I have ever seen - ugly.

I passed it on to someone else exactly the way I received it.

Mike Self
Cincinnati, OH

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Subject: [CR]Reynolds 531 "CCM"

Grant McLean and I were just having a quick conversation on-line about a frame which is hanging in my local used-bike store. It is a CCM with simple straight gauge three tubes decal - dropouts are just stamped, lugs fairly simple. Dark green, chromed end to forks.

Grant only remembers that the last time he rode a CCM it had 20" wheels - I just remember CCM as low-end - made skates and hockey equipment - Canadian to the core. Anyone, particularly the Canucks on the list, know anything about 531 CCM's?

Paul Williams, Ottawa "where it actually got up to -3C today" ON, Canada.