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From: Jerry & Liz Moos <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]TA Cranks
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2003 11:49:57 -0600

The Cyclo Tourist, though some contend this is not actually the proper name for this model, has been made in almost identical form since at least the 60's and is appropriate for any 60's to 80's bike. There are photos on the CR site and linked sites, and Sheldon Brown, who also sells these, has parts diagrams on his web site.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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Subject: [CR]TA Cranks

> A vendor of classic bicycle parts, offers new production TA crank models Cyclo Touriste, Zephyr, Nuovo Alize (please forgive any incorrect spelling).
> I'm wondering if these would be appropriate for my ca. 60's - 80's bikes.
> Does anyone know of any photos or illustrations of these cranks?
> Richard Cielec
> Chicago, Illinois
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