Re: [CR]MY 2 cents on workmanship and I need help with a rim question

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Subject: Re: [CR]MY 2 cents on workmanship and I need help with a rim question
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 14:12:21 -0500

Sam, Some of us build because we love to. Building frames gives me a chance to show my artistic. I'm doing home building and remodeling to survive but building is my joy. When I build, I'm very careful over sizing, technique, etc. But because it's my artistic release, I spend hours making different designs on lugs. I enjoy making a bike artisticly beautiful (at least to my eye) and believe me, although they're not on musuem walls, one or two are hanging as works of art in some living rooms. Here's pictures to show what I mean. Anthony Mezzatesta Mezzatesta Cycles Cranberry Twp Pa 16066 724-778-8224

First: Who knows when Scheeren Weltmeister rims were on bikes and what hubs are appropriate? Those rims are sooo light are there any modern rims that light? Second: Who said bikes are a work of art - an ugly bike can be just as functional as a beautiful bike - bikes as far as I know don't hang in any art museums so if someone is building them to ride them then a few file marks don't amount to a hill of beans.

Hey frame builders do any of you do this for the recognition in the art community or do you do this to pay the bills?

Just my two cents

Sam DiBartolomeo
Riverside CA