Re: [CR]Pedal thread repair

From: "Jon Schaer" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Pedal thread repair
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 21:35:28 -0500

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> You can get pedal-thread repair kits from Bike Tools Etc.

They use to sell two different kits, I think. A Helicoil kit, which threads in a tempered steel wire "coil" into threads cut into the hole by a "plug tap". Nothing else is used to hold the coil in place except friction. Seems flakey, but in practice I have seen them work well elsewhere.

OR, the bushing style (the Eldi model), which has a solid bushing that threads into a custom thread created by a supplied custom tap. I have this set-up. It didn't come with any instructions at all. After reaming the hole and tapping, I was expecting the bushing to go in progressively tighter for a firm fit. Instead it goes in rather sloppily, obviously needing some method of retention. I used red Loctite. I have made two repairs so far and they have held up fine. I'd like to try JB Weld epoxy next.

Jon Schaer
Columbus, OH