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Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 10:04:48 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: RE: [CR]Hobbs, Hetchins, First and Archetype
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Retreating to a dictionary to define archetype is to limiting for this discussion on "the history of fancy lugs." Within art and craft cultures an archetype is something which is best representative of something else, so much so that the two have become understandable as the same. Dolly Parton is an archetype for (fill in the blank) as Hetchins is an archetype for (fill in the blank.) Joe Starck, Groundhog Capital of the World, Wisconson "Barbour, Christopher" <> wrote:Yes, some one will pull out the dictionary. It is not a nuanced meaning of "archetype," it is a common misunderstanding of the meaning. According to the OED, Jung's archetype is a phenomenon of the collective unconscious. Though it is a familiar unconscious error to associate the first or most commonplace in in one's own country with the first and most commonplace everywhere, I hope that we are working on the conscious level, trying to comprehend the history of fancy lugs. Bruce is entirely correct, an archetype is "The original pattern or model from which copies are made; a prototype." There is no difference in meaning between original, first, or prototype, but some differences between Dolly Parton and Halle Berry are richly descriptive of Hetchins and Hobbs. Alas, the splayed points of the lugs on my Bates remind me of Dr. Seuss.

Chris Barbour Boston, Mass.

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Hi Bruce, I guess since you confuse Dolly Parton, Halle Berry, Hobbs and Hetchins you can be forgiven.......

No doubt someone will pull out a dictionary and read us a definition, but I stand by my comment that archetype has nuanced meaning different from original, first or prototype. In fact I would suggest that each of those words are different from the other.

I prefer to use archetype as would say C.G. Jung in the Collected Works - but we drift.......

Tom Rawson Oakland, CA



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