Re: [CR]Hobbs and Hetchins update

Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 08:08:41 -0500
Subject: Re: [CR]Hobbs and Hetchins update
From: Richard M Sachs <>

great news! so far, it appears that the history and method of assembly 'news' hasn't diminished the pride of ownership. thanks! e-RICHIE chester, ct

William McGehee <> writes: Let me try and respond this way, I have just returned from my neighborhood bike shop where I spent several hours admiring the latest riding machine , a 2003 "GURU" Veloci titanium and carbon fiber, with the latest Shmano and Mavic radial bladed etc.etc.that supported a price tag of nearly 5K. Later, observing my recently demoted "Hethchis", I recalled t he numerous letters of correspondence concerning frame geometry, lug work , component hardware location, custom finish, and the special braze ons that included Alf's and my own initials brazed onto the frame, and the six months it took to receive the finished product that included another personal note from Alf that he had included a small quantity of touch up paint.

After only moments of deliberation I have decided to keep my Latin whatever frame complete with counterfeit lugs made by some sub contractor in a slow month by automated robots, and turn down the even trade offer for the 2003.

Richard M Sachs <> writes:
> thanks to t rawson's post last week and the subsequent
> threads relating to Hetchins, and now Hobbs and
> Hetchins, we've learned alot about how it 'was done'
> as well as 'who did what with whom'. for me, this revises
> and edits my thoughts re that part of the industry. i've
> posted as much since the 3-part history was 'outed'.
> are there any hetchins devotees that have learned anything
> new? are there any that feel slighted, based on the pre-
> conceived notions that they once had? does the recent
> 'news' change their perspective? and...are there any
> Hobbs owners saying, "Alas. We get our just do"?
> c'mon. fess up.
> chester, ct