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Wayne Indeed, those images are "thought-provoking," I wish I had BBbraze3.jpg to frame; kinda reminds me of one of my favs, Peter Sellars. Joe Starck, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin "Bingham, Wayne R." <> wrote: Here are some images to go along with the narrative!

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> how did Brian Baylis demonstrate "how the miter and not the lug is what determines frame joint strength and alignment"

Joe, Brian demonstrated that the edges of the miter should be flush with the edges of the tube so that the tube edges (the miter) support the loads. Brian took a tube, cut the miter, showed the group how if gaps appear on the curve of the cut that additional work must be done so that there is no gap whatsever. If this isn't done properly, then brazing material will fill the gap and will not offer the strength and alignment integrity of the better miter solution. The premise being that if the miter is done properly, then the strength of the joint is set and the lug is more for decoration and fixing the tubes in place and not there to add additional strength to the joint--which is why fillet or TIG will offer an equally strong joint if the miters are equal in quality. Or, at least that is how I understood it and it made sense to me. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL