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Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 18:12:05 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Centurion by Cinelli?

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> Jim Cunningham just linked Cyclart's lightweight site earlier today and I
> found a Centurion on it at the edge of our time line. It was quoted as
> "This is the one blessed by Cinelli! Cinelli logos on the fork and seatstay
> caps and frame quality beyond anything expected from Centurian."
> Store_Code=C&Product_Code=AVL-7024&Category_Code=AVL
> I've got one of these that I purchased off a CR list member, quite a good
> deal, but I believed I was buying a Cinelli model Centurion. Mine had all
> the decals scraped off with the exception of a Cinelli logo, a made in
> Italy decal and the engraved Cinelli Seat stay and fork caps. Not being a
> very knowledgeable Cinelli afficionado, would someone know and fill me in
> on the history of this bicycle, its dates of manufacture and who actually
> constructed the frames. I'd sure appreciate learning a little more about
> it.
> Dan Artley, hoping for a pretty riding weekend in
> Parkton, Maryland

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