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Even if the astronomers did change their minds, green (555nm) is still the area of most acute human vision and one of the last colors (blue is close)to fade from view as it becomes night. So Bianchi riders and other riders of green bikes, or green-blue bikes, maybe even pure blue bikes can rest assured that they are relatively more visible. They can all remain smug. Red is the first color to fade as dusk becomes night,and is the least visible in the peripheral field of view. (Sorry but I like red bikes better than Celeste too.)

BTW- In the late 70's or maybe it was early 80's I do remember Bianchi Sales brochures containing jokes about how they purposely chose that celeste color to be as ugly as ugly can be.

Mark (green with envy) Cutrufelli Laurel,MD

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> Finally, we have the reason Bianchi fans always seem so smug:

That was later retracted, or some error in the calculations was identified. I think the color was changed; was it to purple?

Jon Schaer
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