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From: "Eric Elman" <tr4play@cox.net>
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Subject: [CR]Goodies For Sale, Big List: Frames, Bikes, Components, Misc.
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 09:14:28 -0500

My basement cleaning and sorting is pretty well complete and I've dug up all sorts of stuff. As in the past when I've done this, first come first served, shipping is extra (always reasonable, not a profit center) and items will be very well packed. Please reply with the item numbers and your shipping address. I will get back to everyone that inquires but some may be a few days as there is often someone in line before you whom I'm awaiting some confirmation. Thanks for looking and helping me make room so I can fill it with other stuff!

1. Peugeot PX-10E frameset, ca 1972. 57cm. Excellent plus, honestly about as a good a used frame as you are ever likely to see. All original, not repainted or re-decal'd. White with Black Nervex Dubois headlugs. Full Reynolds 531DB, half chrome socks front and rear. Decals border on near mint, Reynolds decals are about half there, paint has two very fine lines/small scratches as if a tool or something rubbed against it that do not detract at all, otherwise it also borders on excellent/mint - some small marks which will be covered by shift lever clamps etc. Almost no touch-ups anywhere. Chrome has had the original clearcoat removed and has been polished; excellent condition. Pics available. $225. Also available with excellent and correct Stronglight V4 Competition headset for an additional $25. Also, correct Stronglight BB spindle and non original but appropriate TA cups for $25 - these prices only with frameset.

2. Fuji Racer "The Newest", 24" c-t. (Fuji only made this in 22.5 and 24) If this were 22.5 I'd keep her. This is the bike we had some list discussion about 3 or 4 months ago when I purchased a group of bikes from a colleague of mine. I believe this to be from when Fuji made it's first real entry into the American market. I have an original brochure and a color copy will be included with the sale of bike. Brochure clearly shows this as the top of the line model based on pics and specs. Overall a bit dusty but excellent condition. Tremendous workmanship to frame with long point lugs with circle cutouts in descending size on seat lug and top head lug. Sort point lower headlug. Seat stay caps are almost wrap around. Diamond reinforcements on brakestay bridge. Chromed headlugs, seatstay caps, top of seat lug fork crown, 1/2 rear stays and fork. Excellent metal headbadge. Silver paint is very excellent with almost no blems except area around shifter clamp and small area on fork. Orange panel on seat tube and orange lug outlining - even on the BB. Decals are very good. Components are part original and part upgrades: Brakes are 1st gen Dura Ace (original where Gran Compe center pulls), SR Pro handlebars (original listed as Nitto B105), correct Nitto Pearl stem, correct 171mm Sugino Mighty custom cranks with 47/43 rings (brochure lists 52/47), no pedals but MKS where originally spec'd, Suntour Cyclone front and rear derailleurs (originals spec's as Suntour V'LUX rear and Compe SL front). Wheels are Normandy LUXE rear with Mavic rim and large range freewheel, front is Normandy Sport with Super Champion rim. "Italia" saddle and unknown seatpost (spec's originally as "Hupelrider" brand - anyone ever see on of those???). With a change of saddle and wheelset along with some cleaning this will be a very, very nice early Fuji. $375 w/wheels or $350 without. Pics available.

3. Silca frame fit pump, used. Silver, rough condition but would be good basis for a repaint to match your bike. $5

4. Britannia GT Veloce pump, NOS. Very cool, bronze/copper top and bottoms with alloy center. Presta fit metal pump end. Excellent unused condition with original metal hang tag. From style I'd guess late 50's or 60's. $35

5. AFA pump, NOS. Red, white and blue bands. 19.5" not frame fit - requires pump pegs. Some small dings in aluminum but overall very good. Presta fit. $20

6. Brancale Sport helmet, used. Excellent condition. White, no size visible but looks small. Very mid-70's. Decals fine and no scrapes or flaws. $15

7. Suntour Superbe gum brake hoods, NOS/NIP. $20

8. A'ME brake hoods, NOS/NIP. Yellow. $15

9. Modolo non-anotomic brake hood set, NOS. Bubble gum color. Want to get noticed - these should help! $5

10. ELDI small tool kit, used (hardly). In small vinyl pouch, assortment of basic tools for workshop or roadside repair. Kinda neat, very 1970's. About a dozen various tools. $20

11. Bluemels Club Special fender set, NOS/NIP. Mid/dark blue. Includes original NOS mounting hardware. $75

12. Campagnolo brake lever set, no hoods used. Very excellent condition. These look just like Super record levers but has shield logo. $35

13. Mafac Brake lever set, NOS. Has some shop wear but as these were not anodized they polish up to a stunning shine. Some very light and easily cleaned corrosion on bands. "regular bend." $10

14. Mafac Brake lever set, NOS. Same as above but with more dramatic lever bend - good for smaller hands?? Check list archives where I reference two eBay auctions with links/pictures of both types. $10

15. Campagnolo Chainring bolt set (5), used. Fair to good condition. "Patent." Will look nice with elbow grease and Simichrome polish. $5

16. Campagnolo SL pedal, right side only, used. The cage tip has been cut off, about 1/2" gap between front of cage plate and rear. Done by a previous owner - must be some story to it. Otherwise good condition, grease is old and turns smoothly. Cap has two minor scrapes. Make a track pedal out of it?? $15

17. Campagnolo NR rear derailleur, used. Patent 73. Fine functional condition with tight pivots but scrapes and overall generally fair cosmetics. Greasy/grimy dirty as I have not cleaned her up. $45

18. Stronglight V4 Competition headset, used. Not cleaned and polished but should look very nice with light elbow grease and Simichrome. Bearing races are fine. $40

19. Stronglight Competition BB (spindle, two cups, locknut, bolts/washers), used. 118mm (standard on Peugeot PX-10's), French threads, some flaking of chrome of fixed cup, fine bearing races. $35

20. Simplex wheel stops for rear dropouts, used. As used on PX-10's. Complete and correct. $10

21. Campagnolo NR Crankset, no BB, used. 172.5. No date code. No cracks or fractures but greasy/grimy with lots of minor cosmetic marks. Perfect candidate for stripping of anodizing and polishing or reanodizing. 52/43 rings with moderate wear, "brev" chainring bolts. $55

22. Campagnolo NR 53 tooth chainring, used. With chain peg. Only minor wear but fair to good cosmetics. Previously listed at $30, now with lower price. $10

23. Simplex front derailleur, NOS. No shop wear. Not sure of model name but one step down from top of line Super LJ. Very similar in appearance. $45

24. Weinmann brake set, used. Levers have small dots but not holes over them, white Carlton hoods in fine condition only needing some cleaning. Calipers include (3) 750's and (1) 610. The 610 and one of the 750's are very good and clean. Other set is dirty and small pitting of chrome. $20/all

25. Dia-Comp brakeset, used. Calipers are short reach. Levers have holes drilled in them and QR's with gum hoods in fine shape but everything is in used bike take (dirty) condition. Will clean up wonderfully though. $20/all

26. Mafac Racer brakeset, used. Levers with white lever covers (not brake hoods), safety lever extensions, rear caliper has center bolt with attachment for top of frames brake bridge. This was used on the Peugeots which came from the factory with fenders. Other caliper appears NOS but is missing center bolt, and one brake pad/holder unit. Overall good condition with some grease/grime on one caliper and some pitting of chrome straddle wire bolt. $20/all

27. American Classic seatpost, used. Very good condition, top 5" of post are clean, light insertion marking below that, 27.2 I don't know anything about these but it came on my ~1975 Ron Cooper so presume it is from that era. $10

28. Mavic front derailleur, NOS. Not sure of model. Has a small shop wear mark on tip of cage and includes another unmarked NOS cage. Grey pivot arm. $20

29. TA NOS/NIP dust caps. $15

30. AGDA Leather saddle, NOS. Corrosion on some of the rivits. Standard on many 70's bike boom bikes such as Peugeot UO-8. $15

31. Brooks B5N, used. No date code, chrome rails, useable, fair condition. $10

32. Zues Alfa front derailleur, all chrome, body excellent, cage fair, needs new adjuster screw spring (take off any Simplex Prestige). $10

33. Shimano 333 large flange front hub, solid axle, used, 36h, needs rebuilding. $5

34. Shimano Tourney (pre-Dura-Ace) center pull brakes, used. 1 long reach, 2 short reach, very good condition. $15/all


Thanks for looking,

Eric Elman
Somers, CT